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Rug Cleaning


Rug Cleaning

A beautiful and well-made Oriental rug can last a lifetime. Many rugs are considered sentimental keepsakes and are handed down to younger generations. Help make your rug last longer with routine professional cleaning. Here at Economy, we understand that different rugs need specialized care. Our rug cleaning specialists can ensure that the safest and most effective method will be used in the cleaning of your Oriental rug. We have dry-cleaning methods available for rugs that require it.

We take every measure to guarantee the most informative customer service from our technicians and the best quality cleaning. Many times rugs are placed in pathways or entryways to protect floors or carpet, therefore taking a lot of traffic. Rugs hold a lot of dirt which gets pushed deep into the pile. Even before you start to see any soiling, you can be sure there is a lot of dust ground in. Spills left to sit can be absorbed into natural fibers causing permanent staining or dulling. Loose debris getting walked can also break down the fibers causing wear patterns. Simple vacuuming is sometimes not enough to penetrate deep into the rug to lift out all the contaminants. Professional cleaning has to be used periodically to help your rug stand the test of time.

  • Take the best care of your rug investment by trusting the Economy experts.
  • We have the experience and knowledge needed for the toughest jobs!
  • Our rug cleaning process is safe for all styles from fringed, handwoven, to braided or Shag area rugs. Wool rugs have a natural odor that cannot be removed, but if your rugs smell stale or stink from animal soiling, then Economy rug cleaning is the answer!
  • At Economy we strive to meet all your Rug cleaning and carpet cleaning needs.
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