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Pet Stain Removal


About Pet Stains

We love our pets, but sometimes they ‘Oops” on the carpet. Pet stains can be some of the worst types of stains to have. These types of stains need to be handled correctly or they can get worse and continue to smell. You have probably asked yourself “Why Does Pet Urine Smell Bad”. It’s smells because it’s mostly bacteria feeding on moisture. Urine is comprised of a concentration of waste products such as urea, urine acid, sodium chloride and other detoxified substances. The ammonia smell comes from decaying urine, urine salts and the bacteria. The bacteria will continue to grow as long as there is a food source or moisture. The smell can also contaminate your clothing, furniture and is not safe for the respiratory system. So cleaning pet urine must be done properly!

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Process

At Economy we believe in getting the job done right! Removing pet stains & odor can be difficult to do, therefore this process must be done correctly. Our technicians are trained to deal with these types of issues. Our process involves removing the pet stain and odor issues in the carpet. We do not cover it up with carpet injections! Our process involves replacing, cleaning and chemically treating the pet stains. This process is the only way to truly remove any pet stain and odor issues. Your result is NO ODOR, NO BACTERIA and a CLEANER CARPET!

Everyone loves their pets, but when they have accidents on the carpet, it can be embarrassing and frustrating. Nobody wants to reside in a home contaminated with pet stains and odor! Even having pets inside at all, introduces germs to your surroundings. Muddy paws track in dirt, or whatever may be in the lawn outside. Pets can get into trash and all kinds of messes! Dogs sleeping on furniture or beds can transfer residual oils from their fur. The doggy smell will linger and Febreze can only go so far!

Built up urine, soaked into carpet harbors bacteria. Fecal matter can contain all kinds of organisms, such as E. Coli. Plus,your family will suffer in the misery of stinky carpet. The ammonia-like smell can be overpowering and nauseating. No more bare feet or enjoying the floor area for any purpose. Why invite guests over when you are constantly worried whether they can detect the animal smell?

You may be tempted to just rip that carpet up, or throw that pet out to the doghouse! But there is hope for even the most dirty carpet. Call the Economy pet stain and odor removal experts. Our techs are armed with the best anti-bacterial product on the market. It is proven to instantly destroy odor-causing bacteria. Don’t just mask the problem with deodorizers and perfumes. Get to the root of the issue by using the deep clean of our hot water extraction method. Our powerful, high-pressure truck-mounted cleaning system solution will get rid of your pet stain and odor troubles once and for all.